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Character Loft - Daily Writing Prompt Community
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A daily prompt and activity based character development community for writers and roleplayers.
Welcome to the Character Loft - a daily writing prompt community for writers and roleplayers with a focus on character development.

Is a character driving you crazy? Can't get enough activities for your favorite muse? This is the place for you!

This comm is for roleplayers, novelists, NaNo writers, fiction writers, fanfiction writers - anyone is welcome! Just grab a character (or two, or three...) and join up! If you're new to the community, please take a moment to introduce yourself here!


Get your prompts on the social media you use! Prompts crossposted daily to:

LiveJournal http://charloft.livejournal.com

DreamWidth http://charloft.dreamwidth.org

FaceBook http://www.facebook.com/charloft

Twitter http://twitter.com/charloft

Tumblr http://ourcharloft.tumblr.com

Blogger http://charloft.blogger.com


Monday: Munday! A question for you, the player/author. (Answered as yourself, the only one like this)

Tuesday: Twosday - Would you rather? , Two choices, and other activities in pairs. (Answered in character)

Graphics challenge! Something picture or graphics related. (Answered in character)

Thursday: Drabblemania - a drabble topic! (Answered in character)

Friday: List it - make a list according to the topic. (Answered in character)

Saturday: Quotation! A quote, famous or otherwise, to provide inspiration. (Answered in character)

Sunday: RP Day! Prompts designed to encourage player interaction! (Answered in character)

How do I join?
Click on the join button above, and you're in. Post to the community with your character! It's that simple - you want in, you're in. Any character(s) is/are fine with us. Join with your character journals and/or your OOC journal - your choice.

What can I post?
Answers to prompts, questions in character, questions about character development out of character, chat posts from characters to other characters, journal entries for characters, roleplaying posts, pictures/graphics - anything character development related goes. For large graphics and long posts, please remember to post under an LJ cut.

What can't I post?
Extremely sexual/graphic content. You may post such in your own journal or elsewhere, however, and link to it here. Just warn people ahead of time what it is they're clicking on. If you want to post a link to your own writing community or activity, please ask a mod for permission prior to posting.

Can I suggest a prompt or activity?
Just post a comment to the Suggestion Box post, and we'll review it!

Where can I find past prompts?
Follow the Prompts tag. You can post a previous prompt whenever - it doesn't have to be on the appropriate day for that prompt. Just be sure to note what prompt you are replying to!

How often must I participate?
As often or infrequently as you like. We understand that not every prompt will inspire you, and that you have times when you don't feel like writing. There are no activity checks. Post when you choose to.

How do I tag my post?
Each character or journal will be assigned their own tag. The only tag you tag your posts with is your individual character/journal tag-- the "day" tags are for use by the moderators. Check the tag list or contact a mod if you are uncertain of yours.

Do you offer NaNo support and activities?
Sure do! Just follow this handy Nano tag to find your fellow Charlofters who are participating. There will also be some NaNo-specific posts and activities when November rolls around.

Who are the maintainers/mods of this community?
Head Moderator - wizardofaus
Moderators - charisma , squeaktastic , a_time_slip

Charloft was originally founded by L - charisma, and has had numerous moderators and maintainers over the years.

To contact us if you have any questions, complaints, or if you need any help, our primary hangout is on irc.darkmyst.org at #The_Loft, our general chat room, as well as #CharLoft, our RP room. We have a handy chat applet on our website for ease of access: labarc.com/CharLoft/.

Charloft is brought to you by Laura and Austin Cushing, Lab Arc LLC, - http://www.labarc.com

Awards We're honored!
tammys_past - Best New Community / Best Roleplaying Community (large) / Most Inspired Large RP Community
muse_weekly - Communities That Rock
lj_spotlight - Live Journal spotlight Jan 3, 2011

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