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Wednesday Colors In The Mind

For today, take the Color Quiz in-character (try and pick the colors you think your character would), and post the results. Feel free to have your characters comment on how accurate your results are!

Victor Van Dort's Existing Situation

"Very social and needs a highly social environment with people who depend on him, in order to feel safe. He is a go-getter and can adapt to almost any situation."

. . .Very social?! I -- perhaps I'm more social than I was in the past, but I assure you, I still do not do well in crowds! I suppose I do like having people around who like and d-depend on me. . .and I guess I'm better at adapting than I gave myself credit for. I did adapt very quickly to Secundus.

Victor Van Dort's Stress Sources

"Feeling empty and isolated from others and trying to bridge the gap between himself and others. Wants to live life to the fullest and experience as much as possible. He cannot stand any restrictions or obstacles put in his way and only longs to be free."

That's actually r-rather accurate. In fact, that sounds very much like me when I was living in Burtonsville.

Victor Van Dort's Restrained Characteristics

"Struggles to make his demands clear, but feels ignored. Feels resentful, but acts as if he doesn't care, doing what is necessary to keep peace."

Yes, me in Burtonsville again. This describes near-perfectly my relationship with my mother.

"Current situation is leaving him doubtful and cautions about becoming intimately involved with others."

Before I finally confessed to Alice, yes. Now, though, I'm quite happy about becoming intimately involved with another.

"Is satisfied and finds contentment through sexual activity."

. . .No comment.

Victor Van Dort's Desired Objective

"Relies on love and friendship to bring him happiness. He is in constant need for approval and this makes him willing to help others in exchange for love and understanding. He is open to new ideas as long as they are productive and interesting."

Er. . .actually, this is me, isn't it? I just -- I want the people around me to be happy, and I want them to like me. And I was certainly open to the ideas of Touched after hearing how amazing they really were. Yes, I think this is a good description of me.

Victor Van Dort's Actual Problem

"Feeling held back and restricted from moving forward, looking for a solution that will give him more freedom and less obstacles."

More me in Burtonsville, but there's a little of that here too. I just want to do something amazing like my friends, if possible.

Victor Van Dort's Actual Problem #2

"Fears he will be held back from achieving things he really wants, leading him to search endlessly for satisfaction and become involved in activities which are pointless."

. . .That's worrying. And it's something I do worry about sometimes. I -- m-maybe it's time to look at my bucket list again. . .see what I really want to do. . .

All in all, surprisingly accurate.


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Oct. 25th, 2012 02:56 am (UTC)
Describes you pretty much accurately, at least from what I know of you. Especially the 'desired objective' part.
Oct. 26th, 2012 12:09 pm (UTC)
Yes, I suppose it was rather accurate. I do like having friends and feeling needed. :)
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