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Son's Day (Sunday Show RP)

Carol hasn't gone to see the holos in a long time. 

Before leaving Jim, he took up her evenings and nights, and school took up her mornings and afternoons, and there had been no time to watch a movie unless it was for school or on one of her dates with Jim. In fact, she's pretty sure that the last time she'd been to watch a movie of any sort was when she and Jim had gone to see that really awful romcom about a human and a Betazed. Over two hundred years of the existence of the art of filmmaking, and she's pretty sure that the romantic comedies haven't gotten any better, if the old films she watched with Jim were any indication.

After leaving Jim- well. After Jim she'd had to carry to term and give birth to and take care of David, and there had been getting a PhD and Genesis, and one day, she'd turned around and realized that it had been years since the last time she went to see the holos.

On that particular day, she'd picked up David from the daycare, all smiles and giggles. Apparently, some of the kids had decided to ask their parents if they could go watch the latest movie in theaters, an instant-hit that was really more of a revival of one of the old films that Carol had watched with Jim so long ago. Looking down at him, watching his blue, blue eyes- his father's eyes- pleading with her to Mom, Mom, please can I go? Can you take us?, she had been unable to resist.

Which is why she's now saddled with her son and three other children, human and alien alike, waiting for both the movie to start and for one of the other researcher's on the Genesis Project- to arrive and help her out. She shouldn't expect her anytime soon, though- said researcher is currently puking her guts out and completely unable to have a coherent thought, much less call to tell Carol that she won't be able to come by.

Carol's alone with a handful of kids at the holos. This should be interesting.



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