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Sunday RP: Kissing Booth

This week: It's the time of the season for kissing! Set up a kissing booth and have at it, you crazy kids. Just be careful you don't catch any diseases!

It's not so much a "kissing booth" as it is a "kissing table". It's one of those folding banquet tables, with a nice red tablecloth draped over it. A fishbowl is at one end, with a few dollar bills in the bottom; below it is taped a carefully hand-lettered sign:

One Dollar EACH
All Proceeds To Benefit Local Food Banks

The reason it's a table and not a booth is that the assembled group of fundraisers wasn't sure they could all fit in a booth. There are five people present (though only four of them are at all pleased by the idea.) From left to right, as one approaches the table, are seated The Rani, The Doctor, Bruce Wayne, Peter Petrelli, and Rachel Conway.

thisway_comes and byronicdoctor are playing a game of Go Fish. Or, rather--the Doctor is cheerfully playing a game of Go Fish, while the Rani sits beside him, arms crossed over her chest, several playing cards grasped in one hand, glaring daggers at him.

"I refuse to take part in this," she sniffs. "And I'd throttle you if not for the control bracelets."

"Now, now, my dear," the Doctor replies absently, frowning at his hand of cards, "you accepted to community service as part of your plea agreement. I'm here to make sure you complete the requisite hours. The control bracelets are to make sure you don't wipe out this planet in the process." He flashes her a winning grin above his cards. "Can't have you getting out of my sight, can I? Leave you alone for even one minute, you're liable to tear a hole in the fabric of time and space, just to be difficult. Now. Have you any two's?"

"Go get bent."

"Nono, Rani, it's 'Go Fish...'"

why_dowefall sits between them and weaponof_choice. His head is canted, his brow furrowed mildly in concentration as he listens to something in his Bluetooth earpiece. (He told the others it was stock reports. He's really listening in to the police band. Shhhh.)

Peter taps a pencil against a pad of paper in front of him, looking past Bruce to the arguing pair down at the end of the table. He grins, and nudges Bruce. "I think it might work better if we offer other people money to kiss that lady, huh?"

"What's that, Peter?" Bruce glances at him, glances at the two Time Lords, and then he chuckles, nodding. "Possibly. But it'd be, ah, a bad business model, you see. The idea is to raise money, not lose it hand over fist."

"Right, right."

"Peter." Peter in turn gets elbowed in the ribs by senseofliberty, who cants her head down at the pad of paper. "Did you hear me? I said, 'a'."

"'A'? Uh. Hang on, Rachel." Peter glances upward, clearly visualizing a word in his head. "Nope! No a's." He leans over and draws a body to go with the head that's already drawn on the little hangman's noose on the paper. "Next letter?"

((OOC: I thought it'd be more fun to offer a little variety. All kisses/events herein are nonbinding on any writer, character, or storyline. Take your pick, have at, have fun! :) ))


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