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to Bast

the scene flickers off and on like an old image projector, the colors slightly muted and dusty at first.  above, the sun is fiery and orange, beating down with its life-giving heat on our backs, of mine and my sisters.  on the savannah, the sun is harder, richer, closer; in the distance you can see the heat radiating off of the plains, as a pack of female lionesses and two panthers; one with faint leopard spots on her flanks, make their way across the plains.  the pack makes its way through the golden wheat, which reaches just above our eye level, rising slightly above our haunches which affords the perfect camouflage, especially for those with fairer coats.

it isn't long, loping through the fields of wheat before we spot a small herd of zebra.  towards the edge of the group, farthest from us, a white stallion keeps watch.  he's a magnificent creature, powerful haunches, a proudly arching neck that holds a sturdy head, pale watchful eyes scan the horizon for dangers to his herd.  he rears, kicking hard hooves into the air, as he turns, galloping over to nip at the heels of a younger mare who had wandered away from the group, his black mane trailing behind him.  silently, we part ways, my sisters and i encircling the herd, keeping upwind and carefully waiting for the right moment.

flaring my nostrils i take in their scent, the sweat of the zebras, flies buzzing around them as they grazed.  with their scent came the heat from their flanks, their musty horse scent, and the rushing of their blood underneath the surface.  as my sisters slowly encircled the pack, i took a moment to watch them graze, blithely unaware of the danger that lurked within the grass.

suddenly, as if at once, we charge the herd, scattering the zebras, as we singled out the albino stallion.  as a group, we ran him across the savannah, nipping at his heels as one by one we bore down on the poor beast, reveling in his mad eyes and sweat frothing around his lips.  his strength was failing him, and it made our blood race to watch him stumble as he galloped ahead, running for his life.  as he neared me, i bunched my legs beneath me, the leap carrying me onto his back.  my claws extended, i wrapped my arms around the stallions neck in a deathly hug as i slid forwards to sink powerful jaws around the jugular

instantly, my mouth burst with the hot life-force, delicious in its magnificence.  the white stallion's cry gurgled as he pumped his legs furiously, wearing the life out of screaming muscles.  in what felt like an eternity, i held on, the blood trickling out of the corners of my mouth.  he collapsed slowly, stubbornly, unwilling to let go of his life.

on all four legs, i stood, sprawled over the kill, turning to defend my prize, i realize the pride has already turned their backs, slowly padding back the way we had come.  only leira waited, while i licked my chops and grabbed the beast by its neck, straddling the body as i prepared to drag the offering back to my goddess.

what had been a short run, became a slow tiring walk back with my load, leira at my side.  my back ached as i dragged the heavy carcass past the billowing curtains of the pavilion, just as the sun began to touch the horizon.  inside, the rest of the pride lounges, Bast herself sitting on a raised dias.  i drop the magnificent white zebra, bowing my head low to the floor, as i slink forwards on the floor towards my Beloved.  she steps forwards, taking my face in her hands.  her lovely golden eyes stare into mine with love and all the wisdom of the world, and she begins to lick my face, purring.~i adore thee, i adore thee~

OOC:// sorry, i don't know what my tag should be, i think you give one to each writer, yes? if so i'd like magpie to be mine. i'm not sure what the criteria is like, but i'm really excited to have been inspired again! nice to meet everyone, i'll go double check that i've done the intro posts!
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