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[sticky post] Winter Bingo Wrapup!

Those of you who've completed the Winter Bingo have been waiting patiently, and we'd like to see what you've come up with so we can award prizes. Link your Drabble post and let us know if you've done an entire card or a line, as well as whether you completed the Cupid Challenge for an extra entry! Post your entries by April 30th; winners will be announced on May 1st!


Graphics Wednesday: How I Roll

Well, the first detail I should start with is that I don't play Dungeons & Dragons. I have no dice on my person.

How I conduct myself is simple. I know my situation, and I know what my chances are. I'm quite aware that my existence hinges on the continued survival of my former prey, so I shall continue to maintain their food and supplies. When one of these seven are at risk, I act swiftly and deliberately. To date, I find it unlikely that any of the animated corpses I faced were even aware of my approach before I removed their heads.

I try to keep things consistent, because all of us see stability as a positive. It's true that they value my consistency as a positive trait, so I choose to remain unchanged in personality and action.

Currently, I believe that Miss Grey unintentionally serves as the only chink in my armor, but no we shan't discuss that.



I don't wish to set myself above any of my current charges. That having been said, I would be ignoring the obvious, were I to forget that my blood-red eyes or fangs both come in pairs. I'm also the only one within our gated community who has them, because I've chosen not to sire any others like myself.


Twosday Tuesday

Only two? This may take some thinking to narrow it down, I have my fathers to thank for that, one father in particular who loves to meddle and is also a bit of a prankster. When they were designing me he decided to add a bit more to the mix, because the DNA of six people wasn’t enough.

Thanks to him I could never play murder in the dark, and hide and seek was difficult. Well you try hiding when your skin glows. Also, makes covert missions a tad complicated but then, when are they ever simple?

Or maybe the markings on my back, people tell me they are very fetching, that they have a natural elegance. I’m just relieved I didn’t end up having fur, as is, I just have the markings of tiger stripes stronger down my back, but also more faintly on my legs and arms.
Then there are my eyes with their golden glow, even if I pretend you’re not annoying me my eyes give it away. Not to mention that damn third eyelid, or to give it it’s scientific name my nictitating membrane, that spooks people the first time they see it.

Should I go on? Freaky enough? Yet, I can blend in with you all and you would probably not even notice me, I’ve mastered the art of not being noticed. You master that skill when your most useful talent is your strong survival instinct.


Twosday Tuesday

Humans are designed to a certain level of symmetry: two eyes, two ears, two hands, two feet... This means that asymmetrical features tend to stand out. Give us two examples of things that make you stand out from the others.


Munday Monday

What do you feel is the biggest obstacle for you when it comes to getting into character for your creations?


Roleplay Sunday

Everyone needs to unwind sometime. Tag a post with RP and find a way for you and others to relax and have some fun. Saving the universe can wait... Right?


Quotation Saturday

Today's quote: "I have found adventure in flying, in world travel, in business, and even close at hand... Adventure is a state of mind - and spirit." Respond in whatever way suits your character(s).

List It Friday: Dude, Remember That Time...

Today's List It Friday is brought to you by the human inclination to recount amazing... and embarrassing things. Especially at parties in front of other people who you might not want details shared to. As such, we're asking for:

Three events or stories that you recount to others in order to impress and/or amuse them - not necessarily stories about you, mind you... ("Dude, tell them the story about the guy who thought 'negotiation' meant 'kick open a door to a roomful of heavily armed people with guns who just shot through the door a minute ago'!")


One event or story about you that you really wish others would stop telling... really, really, REALLY wish others would stop telling, usually because they're embarrassing or annoying to you personally. ("No, you don't want to know about the trip to Mexico. And if they ever end up there again I'm leaving them there.")



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